Mary Lynne Atkinson

Dates d’exposition virtuelle : 1 août 2015 au 1 août 2016



Discipline : peinture

Née à Toronto, On

Habite actuellement à Midhurst, On



Démarche artistique


Painting Canadian landscape is a recurrent theme in my art practice which I use to enter more deeply into my relationship with the environment. My aesthetic vocabulary allows me to focus into particular time and place. I invite the viewer to join me in seeing past the surface to connect to the land and the beauty that inspired my work.

Past landscape paintings were primarily based on wilderness expeditions. In particular, I have been drawn to the remote, austere beauty of the Canadian Arctic. Now it is impossible for me to view the landscape of the North without the spectre of global warming and environmental degradation entering into my consciousness.

Previously, I was a traditional oil painter. Most paintings began as smaller plain air panels done in remote locations. My recent practice is painting with acrylic paint on birch panels in an abstracted format on a larger scale. The work of David Hockney and John Hartman informed the development of the Four Seasons.

The current iteration of the Four Seasons has emerged as a metaphor for the seasons of our lives and the impact of our lifestyle on the planet. One of the roles of an artist is to see differently. In my case, I see great beauty in marginal spaces that people don’t particularly notice and often blindly pass every day.

As an artist, I seek to communicate a conscious message that the environment nurtures our mind, body and spirit whether in our backyard or in the far frontiers of Canada.

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