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I always wanted to get back to being an artist again and thought I would try painting at some point off in the distant future…
Early in 2014, a friend of mine said to me “why wait?!” She was right! Why wait!! So, I dug through my art supplies, found some old brushes and bought some acrylic paints and dusted off an old canvas buried in the garage. I then had to decide what my subject would be. Since I am passionate about animals and volunteer for rescues, dogs would be my first subject! And the first would be of my beloved dog Finn who sadly passed away March of 2018.
After my first few dog portraits of practicing painting my pets, I was asked to paint a neighbor’s dog. Others showed they’re interest in having me paint their pets. Now I get orders from all over the US and abroad!
I really love painting! I am so glad I was pushed to start now instead of waiting! Having fun with it and looking forward to where this will take me! I can’t wait to buy a huge canvas to do something gigantic!!! Janice Serilla
QUOTE – “Your farm animal paintings will historically be known as your farm animal period just like Picasso had his blue period.
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