Huub Ragas

Discipline : peinture
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Démarche artistique
Some say i was born with a pencil. If i go back to the time before my earliest memories there is no clear telling when it started. Drawing was always part of who i am.
I believe Art is a celebration of life using the ingredients of life as the paint to decorate the canvas. I persue beauty in my life and art is the highest form of this pursuit. And by doing so it gives a profound meaning to life. Often my paintings are a joyful play of composition and colour.
When it comes to my houses i was always interested in the suburban environment. For the way we shape our houses and cities reflect our mindset. It goes for an impression of registration to a sublimaion of my inner world and ideals.
Using houses , the enviroment and the sky as elements.
More recently the theme masks appears in my paintings. Inspired by totems, the psychology of men and the africans and their masks.
So what face do we see…is it the mask of daily life we hide behind? Or the many faces we show in different situations? Or showing our new faces that were hidden until now?


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